Shiviti Bet Midrash

Shiviti Bet Midrash, founded 2015

Shiviti Bet Midrash – Learning Center

Providing the Shiviti community, local and global, with a wide array of inspiring and wholesome education on all levels and for all backgrounds Click here for more information about the Shiviti Bet Midrash of San Diego and of Los Angeles!

  • Weekly and Monthly Classes Regular classes and seminars aim to provide participants with a regular schedule of wholesome learning experiences and motivation to grow as better people
  • Night Kollel and Womens Midrasha Advanced, text-based learning Mussar (primary focus: Rabbenu Avraham ben HaRambam) Halachah (primary focus: Rambam and Shulchan Aruch) Burning social and religious through the lens of early and contemporary sources
  • Sepharadic Kabbalah Understanding the Divine, the blueprint of the Universe, and our role and purpose in life Providing a deeply spiritual way of life for those ready to awake their inner consciousness Due to numerous erroneous teachings and false “Kabbalistic” content that is constantly being released into the world, Shiviti has focues on creating a unique spiritual discipline ? fusing the brilliance of Sepharadic Halachists and the wisdom of Sepharadic Kabbalists into a united and invigorating spiritual path
  • Guest Seminars Hosting exciting and refreshing guest lecturers Traveling to other communities and sharing Shiviti?s unique message through guest speaker and scholar-in-residence oppurtunities
  • Youth Education Bar and Bat Mitzvah Club Social activities
  • Baruch Media Dissemination of Shiviti Classes and Lectures (over 650 available on our YouTube channel) Audio/Video Online/CD/MP3
  • Conversion Courses Though Shiviti and Kehillat Shaar HaShamayim are open to people of all faiths and religions, those willing to embrace the Jewish faith will be guided along the long journey towards a proper, Halachic conversion
  • Book Club Monthly Book Club, exposing participants to a wide array and variety of refreshing opinions and perspectives