Shiviti Bet Din

Shiviti Bet Din – Arm of Shiviti’s Rabbinic Division

Rabbi Elazar said: The Holy One, Blessed be He, exiled Israel among the nations only so that converts would join them, as it is stated (Hoshe’ah 2:25): “And I will sow her to Me in the land”

– Talmud Bavli, Masechet Pesachim 87b

Enabling others to experience the beauty our tradition has to offer, especially in areas that are often torturous in other Bate Din – currently focusing on matters of conversion to Judaism and – God willing in the future – divorce and other marital issues.

Our Bet Din is led by our Chavere Bet Din (justices of the court), most notably:

  • Rabbi Moshe Benzaquen West Coast Torah Center – Los Angeles
  • Rabbi Yonatan Y. Halevy Kehillat Shaar HaShamayim – San Diego
  • Rabbi Yosef Zarnighian Kahal Kadosh Mikveh Israel – Philadelphia

Our Bet Din follows the spiritual guidance of:

  • Rabbi Yaakov Peretz Midrash Sepharadi and Kollel Hechal Pinchas – Jerusalem, Israel

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