New York

Thank you for joining tonight’s in-person class at the Shiviti Bet Midrash of New York!

You are invited to download the source-sheet to your device by using the link below:

Full Source Sheet


A Word About Donations

The solicitation of funds has never been on our agenda, and we don’t plan to begin now. We are here to give and not to take. 

On the other hand, this is your community. This is your Shiviti movement. This is your spiritual home. This is your oasis for stimulating study. We are building this for each other, for our children, and for our friends – and we always welcome you to seize the opportunity of taking an active role in our future.  

If you – on your own accord – wish to join as a partner of the Shiviti Bet Midrash of New York, you are welcome to make regular or one-time (tax-deductible) donation, which can be arranged by visiting:

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