Girls’ Leadership Training Seminar

GLiTS ceased operations in 2020 due to the impact of COVID

GLiTS is a three-week summer experience, including a  unique blend of fun, team-building skills, leadership training, connection to Hashem, meaningful Tefillah, and stimulating learning, under the direct guidance and personal supervision of Rabbanit Devorah Halevy, affectionately known as “Vory”.

GLiTs aims to become a defining moment in the formative years of our campers. It is an opportunity to be immersed in a caring, non-judgmental Jewish community, where they will celebrate their gifts in ways many have not experienced before. It’s where they will find the confidence to be the leaders Hashem has already equipped them to be.

Our campers will be challenged to begin thinking about ways they can use their leadership gifts to faithfully serve Hashem and Am Yisrael within their communities, schools, families, and to the entire world around them. But most importantly, GLiTS is a place where each and every girl can discover their truest self that empowers them to be the most incredible human being that they can be.

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