Shiviti NY: Mishpat Tzedek – In-Depth Studies in Jewish National Law

New class series with Rabbi Yonatan Halevy and the Shiviti Bet Midrash of New York!

Join us as we delve into some of the most sensitive and profound details of Jewish national law. Explore how our lawmakers approached the most controversial and relevant social justice issues of our time. Text-based and ongoing, this course will offer an inside view of the legal system that provides the basis for our national vision of  a just and truly free society.

In this series, we focus on the writings of the Rambam – as understood by Rabbi Haim David Halevy, utilizing them as a springboard to engage in important conversations which are relevant to our lives as modern, thinking Jews. Though this class is part of a series, it can be joined as a stand-alone learning session.

Please see description box in individual videos for source sheet links.