About Us

What is Shiviti?

Shiviti is a religious, educational and social movement promoting a unique brand of transformational, Jewish wisdom through its many branches and divisions.

Shiviti aims to be a movement synonymous with meaningful Judaism, transformational teachings, guiding others to discover the great potential in them, and creating a revolution in spiritual leadership and institutions around the world.

Founded in February of 2015 by Rabbi Yonatan and Rabbanit Devorah Halevy, with the blessing of Rabbi Yaakov Peretz shlit”a, Shiviti is based out of San Diego, California, and runs programming across the United States and Israel, ultimately considering Jerusalem to be our spiritual headquarters.

Shiviti is a non-profit organization based in San Diego, California – Tax ID Number: 47-2918459 All donations to Shiviti are tax-deductible.

Legal Mission Statement: Providing services to the Jewish community. This allows Shiviti the broadest definition in order to pursue its vision and accomplish its many goals.

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